Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Randy Newman and Doughboy

Yes how can it be?? One of the most talented song writers ever and a man who makes buffet managers cringe have the same birthday.

a) Randy Newman

My favorite artist. Amazing song writer, sarcastic sense of humor, mean piano player. You may know him from movies like Toy Story.If I have you curious there is no shortage of his material on Youtube. I love his songs, I love the way he arranges the orchestra and I love his albums, I saw him live twice once in the Commodore Ballroom in 1989 and facing the water in an outdoor show in Seattle in 1992. I picked 3 of his songs from his Odeon concert in New York while he was promoting his Trouble in Paradise album. 1) I Love LA 2) Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear and 3) Linda. Linda has a particular significance to me because in the aforementioned Commodore show. He asked if anyone wants to hear anything in particular. My friend and fellow Randy maniac Todd Schindler and I instinctively blurted in unison "Rednecks!!". It was a reference to this same Odeon show since he asked the same question and despite me not hearing the title of the song from the crowd he claims to have heard it and played it. But 2 seconds into the piano intro I recognized the song as "Linda" and he said "yes that's it!" To be recognized by Randy in anyway shape or form was something cool at the time and maybe still is. Linda is a real song from Randy's first album and yes he is singing it to Linda

b) Doughboy.

If you can look through my Multiply pics you can see our tour of Manila's eating establishments. You can see doughboy frequently contributing from left field responses to my Multiply blog. It's been two years since he visited me and him coming here was one of the nicest things any one can do. I really enjoyed that time and glad its on pictures and videos. I included us doing a version of This Guy's In Love With You. Don't blame him, blame me.


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