Saturday, November 20, 2010

Can't Find My Way Home

"F**k the contest, you've GOT to dial up this solo acoustic version of the Blind Faith classic by Stevie Winwood, it's truly JAW-DROPPING! Sure, he hasn't lost his voice, but what will truly blow your mind is the picking. The video looks like the track sounds, him wearing that jacket sitting by the hearth. There's no better late night track than "Can't Find My Way Home", I'm tingling listening to this. Truly. Check this out!"

Bob Lefsetz

Steve Winwood is so extremely uber talented. Thirty years ago I was blown away to learn that some artists released albums where they played everything on there. That short list included Paul McCartney, Prince, Stevie Wonder and Steve Winwood. Maybe Todd Rundgren and World Party ( Carl Wallinger) are also on that list. People wonder why my mind is shut down to new music. Because its disposable trash. People like it because its new , not because its good. Good stays with you forever. Steve Winwood is that kind of artist. Talented even when he was 15. As I have said before Charice is not talented. She is just the muse for the false flag waving crowd.

Steve Winwood has several significant albums in the 80's. Here's the problem. A lot of great artists in the 80s were best known for their most photogenic songs (what gets on MTV) and not their best songs. Listen to me now or believe me later when I tell you that if you want to hear the real good Steve Winwood listen to Traffic, Blind Faith and Spencer Davis. The 80's had some great stuff too like Freedom Overspill and Talking Back to The Night ( which was a Michelob commercial). I won't bore most of you with the biography of Steve Winwood but those who are interested can check out the links below. If you can't see the video then please go to the original blog.

The video below is short song (3:43) of a guy singing and playing amazing guitar on a song that he wrote forty years ago. That 3:43 of video has sparked intense debate in the short time it was released. If you want to learn about music and the talented people that sometimes make up the music business you can read it in Bob Lefsetz's blog or read the rtf here.


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