Sunday, November 14, 2010

And You Wonder Why We Are Stupid As A Society

Most of my thoughts on dumb newspapers here.

My thought on a dumb society here.

Otherwise, with all the things we need to know that is happening in the nation and the world there has to be at least 2498 more newsworthy things than a boxing prediction. And this prediction is from someone under the employ(Manny's trainer) of one of the two choices in that prediction. If I struck a nerve in you I want to hear about it. I am not putting down Manny but the newspapers. How they are pandering to the ignorant all in the name of advertising. Newspapers are dumb and if you don't like what I said, tell me why they are smart. Specially in this case. I know one thing: I bet this little amateur blog piece makes you think more than that headline does.

This country has to able to know the meaning of the word objectivity. They sure as hell did not know it May 10, 2010. This headline has nothing to do with news or knowledge or common sense. It's all about RAH-RAH!!! Tell me, in your whole life. When do you ever learn anything useful from a cheerleader?? They work hard and are nice to look at but what do you learn??

Our elections are dumb. Our TV is dumb. Our newspapers are dumb. So how is society supposed to be smart??

Our newspapers are supposed to be tools that help develop your head. At some point your heart has to be governed by your head. But obviously that is not the case in this headline or this society.


Please read up on the concept of Bread and Circuses.

Bread and Circuses

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