Wednesday, September 1, 2010

True Words of Wisdom for Parents and Non-Parents Alike Audio Blog.

One look at this blog and you will have a hard time believing it's not a product of dysfunction. Granted since nobody is perfect most people have some dysfunction or other. I admit that I have more than most. The advice you will hear in the audio attachment really struck a chord with me. It obviously struck a chord with the narrator of the story, morning man Mike Greenberg. I heard him say it at least three times but only now do I feel the need to share with you. Which goes to prove that you don't always absorb what something has to tell you the first time. It might take more than that. At least with me.

You all know I am not married with no kids. But does the advice on the audio attachment relate to my childhood? Or yours? Or my adulthood? In life there are no easy answers. Sometimes the best I can do is make you think.

I heard that very simple thought and I thought of how much confusion and misguidance that simple act can do and impact on a young life. Or even a more mature life. One of my main goals with my blog is to be me. Even if that me is vulnerable. I will not go into details but if this audio speaks to me it might speak to you. It might impact your children and your children's children. The possibility alone makes the two minute investment of your listening time worth it.

I actually have the book of the guy being referred to in the extremely short story. Though it's part of my 20 book backlog. Shame on me for not prioritizing someone who can be this substantive.

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