Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alien Lands In Luneta Joke

Flying saucer lands in Luneta. Alien gets out and approaches Juan and Maria dela Cruz having a picnic with their Max Chicken. Alien says to them "Take me to your leader". The couple although momentarily disoriented agrees. They agree to get on the flying saucer and they set course for Malaca�ang.

Once there the alien tries to make sense of Noynoy Aquino:

Alien: " This guy does not act like a leader. All he does is blame everything to on his predecessor. He has avoided challenges all his life. He does not give straight forward answers to straight forward questions. In his first major test he avoided any kind of pressure. He can not even get his own hand picked staff to go in one direction. All I see in his history is him donning yellow , making the "L" hand sign and talking about his dead parents. According to some logical frameworks on leadership like this and this he is not a leader. I said take me to your leader, I was not joking:

Juan and Maria dela Cruz :"Neither were we".

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