Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Made Me Cry At Work Today Twice

Yes, the title is not a typo. I have a small audience, yet a loyal one so once in a while I will reward you with admissions like that.Very few people can be as cynical as me on a regular basis. Specially when it comes to politics and sports . Once in a while I will come across a gem that makes me believe that there is humanity out there and this is one of those incidents. I want you to experience this the way I did today which is have Greenberg and Golic explain the story to you. Then go ahead read the text after. I heard the story first then I wept . Later on at lunch time when I could legally watch stuff on my Ipod I viewed the same clip you have in front you and even with the element of surprise gone I still shed a few tears. No one was with me both times even if I was at work. Once in a while you need moments like this to remind you that there is good in some people and good in you too.

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