Monday, February 9, 2009

Stay Classy Obama Supporters Part 2 !!!!!!!

Hopefully you read Part 1 but I thought this part deserved it's own portion because the less distractions for that Cheezy Jay -Z the better. That should stand or fall on it's own merits. Here are examples of three racial slip ups in my lifetime that cost the men saying them opportunities. We have: 1) Al Campanis on Nightline. 2) Jimmy The Greek Snyder and 3) Fuzzy Zoeller.

You can interpret what they said anyway you want but for me as much as I can see why these three men got into hot water, not sure why there is a double standard with people associated with Obama. What the rappers are saying in the video is far worse and far more abrasive than any comments about athletic ability or fried chicken or coaching positions. You can hear and see their comments yourself. If you can not see them below then just go to under February 9 2009. You be the judge. Watch Al Campanis give his version what blacks are capable and not capable of. Watch Jimmy The Greek try to give his white person preservation position. Watch Fuzzy make a spontaneous remark about Tiger Woods playing well . It's the food mention that got him to trouble. For me, none of it as bad as what happened two weeks ago under Obama's watch. But the rappers get a free pass.

With links provided you can see that from what you see here, there were consequences to what they said. But I guess if you rap hate and racism and you are favored by Obama then the media will give you a free pass. But make a crack about fried chicken then you pay the price.


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