Monday, February 16, 2009

Swearing leads to being obnoxious in other areas

You may recall I had this previous item concerning a person who thinks swearing profusely and speaking in a volume audible three counties away makes her more feminine and appealing . I wrote that in June. Well there was a recent development on that area. Our building supervisor cited her last week for doing acts unmentionable in a family blog in the driveway area of our building. Same area she engages in that tasteful habit of ingesting nicotine several times a day.

The thought of this person just gives me the willies. When I wrote her that email in June I meant every word. It may not be diplomatic but it's true. And you know what? Nothing changed. Which for me just proves that there was reason and validity for the letter in the first place. Her presence and noise pollution was a continuous drain on my sanity that I agreed to be transferred one floor up. Its been about three months and I am glad I am away.

I just want to make it clear that if you choose to pollute your work place with language more appropriate for a bordello then chances are you will also be publicly obscene in other areas. It turns out her language was not the only thing that was obscene.


If you want more background on these series of incidents, available here.

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