Sunday, February 8, 2009

Obama Supporters Stay Classy!!! Part 1

I will let the first video do the talking . Form your own opinion. For those of you who can not see it in the email or in Live Journal its available here , same date (February 9). Fox News has their share of bozos but they are far outnumbered by the bozos on the left leaning mainstream media. If you want any proof at all how most media exists to do the bidding of the liberal, Marxist left then let's play a game of juxtaposition. For the sake of the example let's say ABBA were guests in an inauguration for a new "white" president who is replacing an old black one. Then Bjorn and Benny were caught on video bashing the old president and praising the new one solely on the basis of skin color. The backlash on CNN, MSNBC etc will be devastating. But hey this video portrays rightly or wrongly how some view this era of "Change" as and the MSM ( Mainstream Media) filters what they want you to see based on who they support and what they will suppress.

Just so you know the whole concept of juxtaposition is not original because I probably subconsciously borrowed it from the climax of the film Time to Kill (second clip below) . Maybe it's a bit like To Kill A Mockingbird but still it's a good tool to illustrate my point if the ABBA example was not enough.

As I said many times , Obama loves to think of himself as the guy who will bridge the gap, cross party lines. Yet he endorses these clowns. What's worse if Sarah Palin was supported by the white equivalent of these hate mongers, the MSM will all over it like piranhas to a live cow. But because we are in a so called period of Change , this is OK.

A quick caveat if I may, not all Obama supporters are like this. I totally respect Tony Dungy and I hope to read his books one day. My main point here is people can be full of hatred and try to provoke racial tension but if they are endorsed by Obama then the MSM will look the other way. Dungy needs no such media bias to protect him. He manages by his deeds and his words.

In part II of Obama Supporters Stay Classy, I will take examples from history where men who were not visible minorities said a few things that I feel are nowhere near as hateful as the video of Cheezy Jay-Z yet had consequences. But in the case of the rappers (yes I don't care to get their names right) there are no consequences because whatever omnipotent aura that the MSM gives Obama automatically extends to his underlings.

Whether or not you agree with my politics, just know for years I have always maintained : rap music is an oxymoron. What little I heard here totally fit into my narrow expectations of this so called music. What rap I heard consists of bragging , violence, misogyny, and the whole notion that to make ones self feel better the other side has to be degraded. For years I have said this and the rap advocates have always said the same name that goes contrary to my perception. The fact that it is the same name said by different people only proves my point. It just adds weight to my so called stereotype . I would be just as wrong if I typecast NASCAR drivers as guys with lead feet.

Rap music is just as dumb as those who present it to us.


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