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College Football Historian Uses My Recommendations And Why All I Care About Is Love

Yes, they read me on a podcast from ESPN Bristol, Conn last week. But this is a not a blog entry to boast about that. It is to illustrate one of the main points of my blog. Which is enjoy something for the sake of what it is. NCAA Football is something I enjoy along with NFL football and Major League baseball and the other sports I enjoy. It has nothing to do with nationality but everything to do with the fact that they are enjoyable on their own. As entertainment as well places to learn from. Like I said many times that I watch enough news and sports that reality tv has very little to offer me.

Yes they read my letter but after I thought that any idiot could Google the answer. Maybe not come up with the same answers but still come up with something. If I did that I would be going against one of my dear values of jumping on the bandwagon. Just know I am sincere as I have blogged about the Holtz book before.

I own both books that I recommend. I knew of Bill Curry before because almost any regular of Lombardi's Packers is known to anybody who cares about the history of the NFL.He also got my attention when he became the head coach at Alabama. But it was during his radio spots with ESPN's Golic and Greenberg that I really began to appreciate his wisdom.

"Ten Men You Meet in the Huddle is equal parts autobiography, character study, leadership manual, and profound philosophy. " - description in Amazon by the author of Prince of Tides Pat Conroy


Know something about college football in the US. The appeal is very regional. People in New York City for example love the Yankees, Rangers, Jets, Mets, Knicks and Giants but could care less about any college team the same way people in Nebraska, Columbus and Oklahoma care. It's no secret I spent 19 years in Vancouver when I was not living in Manila. But Canadians did not even care about their own college football much less US college football. So in my 45 years of living I have not resided at anytime in a hotbed of US college football yet I love it. Which goes back to my point. Love something and support something because you love the essence of it. Not the label. Not to fit in with the people around you. Just like Billy Flynn in the musical Chicago- All I Care About Is Love.

That's my point with the Azkals fad. You couldn't pay the locals to watch a team sport that was not basketball forever and a day in this place. Then this dramatic shift from apathy to fanaticism for the Azkals. That's not love, that's opportunism, mob mentality and peer pressure.

Finally I want to talk about my fondness for the co host of ESPNU College Football's podcast. He is Beano Cook. Nicknamed the Bard of Pittsburgh and the Pope of College Football. If it is unlikely a guy from Manila could answer that trivia question what is even more unlikely is that Beano Cook could not.


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