Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Noynoy Has A Lot In Common With Paris Hilton

When Noynoy heard some vain, self important, attention grabbing good for nothing loose woman was coming to visit Malacanang. His first instinct was "Kris!!!" Forget my personal views on Noynoy . Why is Paris Hilton’s Manila visit treated like she is a Nobel Peace Prize winner? If life has taught me anything it is the dumb are always fertile ground in which to plant comedy . I initially totally agreed with Georgina Wilson that Noy has better things to do than make time for Paris Hilton. But it's quite possible that his copy of Modern Warfare 3 is not ready yet.

But then I thought about it.:

  • Paris born into money and has no skills that sets her apart from adults . Noynoy born into money and has no skills that sets him apart from adults.

  • Paris is famous for being famous and saying stupid things. Noynoy same thing.

  • Paris has no redeeming value and is often seen with her little Chihuahua Tinkerbell. Noynoy same thing but no dog.

  • Paris is a smoking hot ditzy blonde. Noynoy is a chain smoking klutzy bald guy.

  • Paris was caught in a compromising video with a guy. I would not be surprised if one day there is a video of Noynoy in a compromising video with a guy.

Paris Hilton and Noynoy. Which one is shallower? They are so similar. Paris is a tabloid publisher's dream. Noynoy was voted in by our people to the land's highest elected office? Philippines what is wrong with you?




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