Saturday, June 11, 2011

See What The Canucks Are Doing To Vancouver

The video is not really about the Canucks but what it's like in Vancouver right now. June 10 2011 over there. The Canucks have been to the finals only 3 times in their 40 year or so existence. I was in town for two of those heartbreaking losses. To the Islanders in 82 and the Rangers in 94.We have seen so much losing what you are seeing is a collective exhale.

They only give out the Stanley Cup once a year and 30 teams all want that one championship. Unlike the PBA which hands out about 6 championships a year to 8 teams. Four of those teams belong to the same guy. Just to give it some perspective. Great series despite the Canuck clunkers in Boston. Watch the video to see how the town is taking it. Go Canucks Go!


Technical note: Pics and video all captured from my VHS recorder.

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