Thursday, June 16, 2011

All It Takes Is A Few Idiots Looking For Attention Vancouver In Tatters

View of smoky downtown Vancouver from the North Shore.

Vancouver turns into Lord of the Flies

"Canucks will be facing a non New York Team in the final. Translation : book the riot in Robson Street. "

I said that May 25, '11 10:04 PM. Sometimes I hate when I am right.

I will not get into the psychology of what happened. Though it might be as simple as people wanting attention. The last time there was a riot in Vancouver after a Game 7. I was there. We went to a bar that night and we were looking at the TV. I saw some violence in the streets and I thought Man that New York is rowdy. The Rangers after all beat the Canucks that night. Traditionally, its the winning team's city that celebrates by going nuts. I guess Vancouver never got that memo. Vancouver is a truly beautiful place. I should know I lived there for a while. The people are beautiful too.

Red Rider in the song Power said " People do some strange things when they're all together, that they wouldn't even dream of by themselves." The riots today make a good case study. The place where my mom is staying is about a kilometer or two from Ground Zero. She did not answer her cell twice. When she finally called, luckily she had enough load to return my calls. She did go out to dinner that night but came back early enough.

For the record, all my friends from Vancouver based on their Facebook reactions are totally ashamed of how this ugly incident portrays the city to the rest of the world. I love Vancouver,I hate what happened today. You want a better idea of what Vancouver is like when it comes to the Canucks look here. Just know that those people that defined the mayhem today were not Canuck fans , hockey fans, sports fans but morons. Like the ones we currently have in Malacanang.


P.S. My actual notes on the series:
  • Bruins deserve to win.
  • Outplayed the Canucks overall.
  • Bruins won the only road game.
  • Bruins made Luongo look third string at times, Miller was mighty even in defeat.
  • I love the Canucks but with the biting, the taunting, the devastating hit, the choking many outside of Vancouver saw them as the Heat on ice.

It's getting hot in here.

Is this guy really triumphant?? Is civilization?

If these guys bothered to vote I bet they voted NDP or Green Party.

What does looting have to do with anything???

Yes, that's tear gas.

There was more action in the streets than what was provided by the home team.


rguanlao46 said...

Totally agree with you. Morons will always be morons. I don't know if that's human nature. Nice blog.

Ed Lopez said...

Thank you very much for your input and your reading rguanlao46