Saturday, June 4, 2011

An Alternative to Filipino Customer Relations Handling

Quick 3 Step Course in Filipino Customer Relations

1. Listen to complaint till customer finishes.

2. Smile and say "Ma'am/ Sir pasensya na po "

3. Repeat number two until customer gets tired of complaining.

Hands up those who tell me they have lived in Manila and never encountered that.

Let me recommend to you free of charge an alternate way of handling complaints and objections. I got this from Tom Hopkins Sales Course.

The author with Tom Hopkins in Las Vegas

First of all complaints are just a test that if you pass, a customer will be more open to supporting your business again. Sorry "paensya na po" does not guarantee an automatic pass. That is the response of morons. Sorry my opinion for any management that believe that generic statement pacifies anybody.

6 steps to handling customer objections.

The diagram may seem convoluted but there is logic in it.

Feedbag is held up by the question mark. The feedbag is pouring into the ear. The question mark is attached to an answer sheet. The answer sheet attached to a confirmation slip which is held up by a hand waving.

Huh? What is that supposed to mean????

To the best of my ability it's like this.

1. Ear- listen to complaint very carefully. Do no interrupt. Hear them out
2. Feed it back to them. So they know you heard it.
3. Question the importance of their point.
4. Answer their objection or complaint.
5. Confirm with them that it's fine.
6. Change gears to your next topic. The fact that you took the time and have a method helps make it a smooth transition . That's why the hand waving.

For similar information please visit.

It's a heck of a lot better than "pasensya na po".


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