Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Take on The Jersey Shore And How It Relates To Us

I rarely turn on the TV. So I am not a Jersey Shore viewer. But is it safe to say that they are not exactly celebrated for their cerebral qualities? They are full of themselves and vain and may never contribute to the betterment of society. Much like the local Gucci Gang.

Snooki gets arrested which is good sign that flavor of the month status does not exclude one from acting normally in public. Fred Thompson had the funniest take on the Snook Meister here.

I think I heard enough descriptions from Bill Simmons to have a good idea what the appeal of Jersey Shore is.

In the words of Spinal Tap's David St.Hubbins - "Yes it did! Yes it f**ing well did, and it was not pleasant to be part of the comedy on stage. Backstage, perhaps, it was very amusing. "

Based on my link to the real world, (my office mates) Jersey Shore is a not big hit here yet. Who needs it? If you want people full of themselves, who do not know the people are not laughing with them but at them then we have our newly elected president. That is true reality TV. It's comedy if you see the reality of it yet it affects our reality in a grim way. The worst dumb are people who don't know they are dumb. These type of people believe it is their genius creating the amusement and the applause when its quite the opposite. Guess what Philippines you elected him.

At least Snooki being dumb only affects MTV's reality.


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