Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sorry to Multiply, Blogspot and Livejournal Readers

Sorry guys. You know I preach loyalty and staying true to your roots and not selling out. I have not been blogging in the usual spots lately because I have been accepted by a blog site that stands for what I stand for . I am glad to take psycho blogging to a different and wider audience. I know what you are thinking, "there are others like you?" Well a place where I fit in anyway. The editor told me he prefers my blogs stay exclusive to his site and I have no problem with that. I always refer to all my old online work whenever I reference. Also I doubt everything I will want to write about will fit the scope of Get Real Philippines. I wrote a tribute to Donna Summer when she died I have yet to get around to finalizing it. Please do drop by and add a comment or two. Also read the others there who I am fortunate to be accepted in their little corner of cyber space. Recently my ninth piece got published. You can subscribe to the site via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Thank you for reading me in the usual places and for continuing to read. In the words of Sandra Bernhard "Without you I am nothing".


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