Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why I Want Jessica Sanchez To Lose

You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice.
If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.
You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill;
I will choose a path that's clear-
I will choose Free Will.

Rush "Free Will"

Pinoys Pathetic Pandering

No matter the outcome of American Idol whether Jessica Sanchez wins or loses, face it Philippines you have serious issues when it comes to voting.

What you did in May 10 2010 as Marcus Aurelius once said will echo in eternity. Look at who you voted for in the top two slots. How did that work out for you??? Noynoy won the presidency on the back of his barely buried mother. Proud to be PINOY!!! Second place a guy who was found guilty of plunder, a crime punishable by death but gets second most votes in an election: Proud to be PINOY!!!

I thought the whole idea of a vote was to give you a choice and make up your own mind. If your choice is presumed what does that say about the exercise?? The manifestation of Filipino voting prowess currently sits in Malacanang. Choice based on offspring not merit. You know what they say about family? You can't pick your family. Enuff said.

She was not born in the Philippines, her father is Mexican , she does not live here . I don't know if she has ever been here. What the heck makes her yours? Are you that desperate for attention that any semblance of a racial connection will give you cause to hoot, holler and chest beat like King Kong grabbing Jessica Lange?

BS Aquino the turd swept into the highest office in the land. Not based on any tangible achievement on his part but by basically reminding you who his relatives are. You fell for that. Anyway we are reaping what we sowed. This man is our duly elected leader and what does it say about us??? BTW he supports Jessica Sanchez.

The main theme of my piece here is that the pinoy values pansin above all. Pansin is so valued they will ignore anything. In 2010 the entertainment headlines read Four RP films in Montreal (film festival). They included my niece Kathleen Jayme. Again, not born here, educated abroad, lives abroad so this country has little to do with anything but pinoys are so consistent in grasping at anything to be noticed.

Let's reverse this whole pansin thread. Do American sports pages brag that Kirk Long starred for Ateneo? Do Canadian sports pages brag that Sean Anthony (McGill) is a pro basketball player in the Philippine Basketball Association? It would be ridiculous if they did. But we do it all the time sa 'Pinas because our standards are so low.

Maybe the problem with me is I watch sports. I do root for teams but the beauty of sports is its supposed to be the ultimate reality TV. Even the contestants and the organizers don't know whats going to happen. In order to achieve that , there has to be a level playing field. Same rules apply then you compete in that sport. The problem with Pinoys and I have said this before is they don't know how to compete. If they did we would dominate international basketball since it's the only team sport we play as a nation. We are the only nation with basketball tunnel vision. All the other countries , their best athletes play soccer or baseball and the rest go to basketball. They still beat us.

I can not emphasize enough that I love sports. Because sports is it's own entertainment. It has little to do with nationality. The best get to play and the best get to win. Forget about nations. Just be world class.

The point about competition is the pinoys make American Idol about race and not about merit. Spare me with the "she is good" . She may well be but you are rallying behind her perceived nationality. You are not rallying behind her skill. Which makes your framework a racial one and not a meritocracy. You co-opted what I believe is the intended goal of the show which is come up with a "singing star". You instead made it about someone whose ethnicity you believe matches yours. Pinoys do it all the time because they have what I perceive as an attention deficit disorder. They don't feel they get enough attention so they somehow find it in Manny wins and in Jasmine Trias surviving another round in American Idol. Speaking of which, is she not currently in the where are they now file? They feel that American Idol and Manny Pacquiao and Arnel Pineda validate them as a race. To each their own but in my opinion having a mama's boy who never accomplished anything as a politician sitting as your president speaks volumes of who we really are. Not some singing contest or 7 rounds of boxing.

I don't like the word "support" because it implies you are being obligated to do something that you otherwise won't do. Think of something you love. Do you consider it supporting or whatever you do springs naturally from your love of what you are doing?

I am not the first one to point this out but Crissy reminded me today that American Idol has specific guidelines who can vote yet bolero pinoys in their pursuit for perfect pansin keep telling us that Globe subscribers can vote. Oh if I could harness the mental energy of pinoys in Facebook, I could toast some bread, lightly.

What disturbs me and maybe only me is the meaning Pinoys attach to American Idol. Almost as obsessive the way my dad describes his in laws of ten years. With awe filled reverence. Like nothing else matters. The problem is, this country has problems and this culture has a strange way of ignoring those problems. That is why they continue to be problems. How come a singing contest makes one proud to be pinoy , yet the constant loss of life by violent means does not make one ashamed to be pinoy? Whether its because of political reasons, financial reasons , religious reasons or pure carelessness of the community around you. Life is not valued here but the results of some text tally in singing contest is the be all and end all. Why only define yourself with the trivial and temporary but ignore a more definite and life altering reality? Are you that petty a culture?

Colin Cowherd is a very polarizing talk show host. I have quoted him many times to make my point and I will quote him again. Don't let one good day define you. The real test of a human's capabilities is what they are like in crisis. What they are like when the inevitable bad days come. Pinoys as far as I am concerned could care less about improving on the bad because they rather to focus on the trivial, like a singing contest.

Maybe Filipinos value American Idol so much because American Idol as an institution does not value originality. Filipinos themselves do not value originality because they value public figures who make gaya gaya with no apology.

Seeing other races as inferior last time I looked was racism. Yet Pinoys tell you to vote with no options but their own race on the promo. That is so insulting to anyone with a brain but in my experience you dare question that you are crab. I am not crab I understand the meaning of the following concepts: choice, objectivity, merit and free will.

To answer the question in my title. I want Jessica Sanchez to lose on the remote chance that somebody out their who will initially grieve at the loss might wake up to reality and get some perspective that American Idol is not worth a hill of beans and then changes the nation for the better. Then people might vote for elections based on merit and not some idealized conjured fantasy. Cue Abba.

KSP is the root of all evil . I have learned that living here the last 12 years. Pansin is the pinoy currency that very few people will say out loud.Yet that is what drives them. Affects their judgement, their sense of fair play and totally closes their mind to beauty and ingenuity from other places in this world. Yet it is this that makes them proud to be pinoy. Not me. I will chose free will.


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