Friday, April 27, 2012

Out Of The Goodness Of My Heart

BBQ Chicken and Beer in Burgos Circle 



There is rarely any info on this online. Don't you hate it when you are willing to go somewhere to spend money and they barely have info? BBQ does not stand for barbeque by the way. Somebody already posted about it here. But I thought I would give my version. Again tapping from that endless reservoir of love that is in my heart. If you do go there (BBQ Chicken not my  heart) , tell them you got the info from me and hopefully it would lead to some free chicken for me and 25 of my closest friends. Oh yeah, I don't have 25 friends. Well some free chicken anyway.


Menu 1

Menu 2

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Tin A Pie said...

i hate it when good restaurants are at QC. it's almost impossible for me to visit :-(