Monday, February 6, 2012


"It'd be better for me if you don't understand

let me out"

- The Tragically Hip "Locked In The Trunk Of A Car"

I thought of this story today from the mid 80s. My brother, my cousin and who knows who else drove from our grandmother's house  to my cousin's house. What was unusual in that story is where I rode. I can't remember if they talked me into it or what but I spent that trip in the trunk of a white Benz. All I remember from that incident was telling them not to get hit in the back. Which if you think about it was stupid. That is usually out of the control of the driver. Not many ever accuse me of thinking. The smart thing would have been to avoid riding in that spot.

Years later maybe there was some divine reason for that incident of stupidity. My statement obviously hinted at the fear of being in a small enclosed place then getting sandwiched. The thing is I had a choice to be in the trunk of that car. Oh yeah, today is Pro Life Sunday. A cause that I have been weighed in on before. Every single one of us has been in that vulnerable position before. Locked in the trunk of our mother's womb. Vulnerable to any  impact on that belly. Vulnerable  to the diet and habits of our mother. Twenty years ago I saw a pregnant woman smoke pot. 

Something growing in the womb is vulnerable. With no defense. And the people who believe that that defenseless life should be snuffed out call their cause pro choice. The little baby has no choice. That afternoon many years ago I was fearful of getting crushed by a high speed vehicle. The little babies that end up getting snuffed face instruments like this.     All in the name of pro choice.


"There is nothing in our society that destroys more human life than abortion—nothing at all, no crime, no disease, no natural disaster, no war." The mother's womb used to be inviolable. It is ironic that, today, under the guise of freedom of choice, the most vicious attack on human life is happening right inside the sanctity of a mother's womb. It is there that human life is most vulnerable and exposed to danger. If we are to stand for life, we cannot but stand against abortion that destroys it." Fr. Frank Pavone 


It's Pro Life Sunday. I am proud to be on that side of the equation. If you are at all interested in my other essays on the topic, just click here. Just remember, we were all once locked in the trunk of a car.


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