Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Noynoy Bites The Hand That Fed Him

You have heard of the expression bite the hand that feeds you. You have also heard the expression double edged sword or it cuts both ways. Dang this guy is a moron. President Noynoy Aquino in his never ending display of naivete wants advertisers to boycott sensationalist media. First of all, I have lived here 11 years and I have news for the President. Any media that services the masses here are all sensationalist media. You would know that reading this blog.

You all know I am pro business but I am also pro truth. In this country those ideals often conflict with each other. The job of PDI, Philippine Star , ABS CBN is not to tell the truth but to sell space and time to advertisers. Maybe the world has changed.

Well respected American writer George F. Will mainly writes about the goings on in Washington. His second area of expertise happens to be baseball. Granted he comes at it from a purist or traditionalist approach. His comment in response to the trend twenty years ago of baseball venues also having arcades and in between inning entertainment. "Isn't baseball enough"? So to transpose that sentiment to our current topic, isn't the truth enough in news media? Apparently in this market truth is only there if it will help sell the story.

Sorry, but during Noynoy's rise to the highest elected office in the land the mainstream sensationalist press was a downright cheerleader. Which is very different from delivering the truth to you.

In a perfect world the head of state would fill available positions with the people who have accomplished something. News makers instead of people who write opinions about the news makers. Noynoy hired Ricky Carandang and Manuel Quezon III both of the uber yellow ABS CBN. The Holy Week preceding the 2010 Presidential Election ABS CBN conveniently broke the local tradition of religious programming during that time and showed movies of Noynoy's parents triumphs.

Noynoy thought he was using the media. He is too dim to know the media was using him. I have said this on the record before. All the media did was make a guy who did nothing look like he deserved the top office in the land. Shame on the media for hoodwinking us. Shame on us for falling for it. Ed







PNoy takes swipe at media sensationalism

[PNoy takes swipe at media sensationalism] PNoy takes swipe at media sensationalism

MANILA, Philippines - President Benigno Aquino III on Thursday took a swipe at media outlets who promote sensationalism over truth.

During the oath taking of AdBoard officers and directors in Malacañang, Aquino told advertisers that those who support media outlets that promote sensationalism "undoubtedly contribute to the problems we are facing and that's where we have to look beyond the confines of our needs to promote our products."

“We are working overtime to shed daylight on the country, and you can help by encouraging media to police its own ranks, and to provide clarity to issues. Needless to say, the marketing communications sector can help promote a trustworthy, transparent relationship between the government, and the Filipino people,” he said. "Unfortunately, in our country, sometimes sensationalism is a lot better than spreading the truth. Sometimes, the truth seems to have been a forgotten concept by some of our media practitioners,” he added.

"Those of us who would support them in their endeavors undoubtedly contribute to the problems that we face; and that's where we have to look beyond the confines of our needs to promote our products and be the responsible Filipino that we all can be. The future is ours to make today. Let us make the right decisions to have the right future," Aquino said.

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