Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eddietorial - LeBron and the case for Cleveland Audioblog

Hello and thanks for coming. This is my first audio blog and I really hope you take the time to listen to it. I designed it to be entertaining regardless how much or how little you care about the subject which is LeBron James' departure from the city of Cleveland. This process of narrating something then adding clips from movies etc is nothing new to me since I used to do a lot of it in the mid 80s. The difference now though is digital mixing plus getting the odd obscure clip from Youtube. Even with all this technology and the library of sounds I still like visualizing people like George Martin, Alan Parsons , Tom Scholz and Jeff Lynne just monkeying with sound to produce something different. Not that I am doing anything remotely close to what they were doing. Still I would like to think even if you are familiar with the topic the more you will be entertained with my treatment of it.

In 25 years my speaking has not really gotten any better but I hope you get some laughs along the way. Hopefully most of them with me and not at me.


Points of references that I base the blog on

LeBron James Cleveland Miami

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Dan Gilbert

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