Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beware The Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt

Watch me closely, be aware
That all I do is only to surprise you
And every move is sleight of hand
And every word is planned to mystify you

Ask me, "Why?", I don't know
Ask me, "Why?" and I say
"Don't get fooled a second time"
I thought by now you'd learn
You're gonna get your fingers burned

The Alan Parsons Project

In my family I like to joke that beware the vegetarian who tells you that the chicken is good. Manny Villar it's your turn. It's not just because you picked a boxer to endorse you who can't even spell your name. It's not because you allegedly abused your position as senator to reroute a project to your property.It's not because you have Manila's Hugh Hefner wannabees endorsing you. If you had a sister who craves for attention maybe I would have gotten to you sooner. It's because as I said earlier in my posts, I believe you are spending tons of money because there is not much to you. Just as Noynoy hides behind the guy in the 500 peso bill and the first post Marcos president, you believe throwing money away will make the campaign go down in the most delightful way.

There is this expression all form and no substance. Money can buy you form of course, but it can't buy you substance. Actually if you can use someone else's money to promote yourself, the better. Villar wanted the position a long time ago. I remember he was in tax payer funded ads for himself. Lucky a pinoy forum backs up my hazy memory. http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16491

Manny Villar is all cake and no icing. But man, that's expensive icing. One of the best book titles ever is "Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt". This is a poor country in case some of you have not noticed. If you are going to be a leader of a poor country then you should at least show by example that you know how to spend money. It's funny how every politician in the Philippines is against corruption during campaign season. Makes as much sense as fish being against water. Are they trying to tell you corruption happens in a bubble? Somewhere else? All I know is that somebody is causing the corruption in this place. It's usually the people you hear from most during election season.

When the naked man sells you his shirt, remember that it was your own blindness, the dazzling vision that danced before your eyes, not his skill, that closed the deal.

-Harvey Mackay (p. 289)

Politicians are seen as cheats, liars, thieves and opportunists for a reason. It's true. I give you no such proof that Sen. Villar is all those things. But if the guy was honest, virtuous and sincere, would he need to spend as much money as he has? You don't spend money just because it's there. A good leader of a financially challenged nation has to be be fiscally responsible. Or are you thinking that once Villar is in office, he will flip a switch?

I personally believe that the excessive spending of Villar is to make up for inadequacies elsewhere. I will leave it up to you what those inadequacies are. The issue is not so much where the money is coming from or how it's being spent. The issue for me is the fact it is being spent in such large amounts to begin with. You could not tell me in a zillion years these are the actions of an efficient man. Not sure about you but this country as challenged as it is, could use an efficient man at the helm. Villar is spending but go ahead make the case that he is spending wisely. I can not.

Noynoy just continuously talks about his parents. Not about what he has done up to age 50. Why? Because it works for him.

Villar just spends money and spends and spends. Why? Because it works for him.

What you ultimately have to ask yourself if their behavior translates into an effective leader for this country.








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