Monday, March 20, 2017

Jeepney Story

I was waiting to cross the straight in one of Makati's busiest intersections ( Buendia/ Ayala) . For my foreign friends Ayala is basically the country's Wall Street. A jeepney was approaching the intersection and hit the concrete divider in the middle of the street so hard that it ended up on its opposite side. This was about 1:05 PM today. Again for the uninitiated , when you get into the front seat of a jeepney there is neither a seatbelt nor a front door to keep you in place. The young man sitting there was actually lucky . Momentum propelled him onto the street. But he landed on his feet. He was lucky in two respects: 1) There was no speeding car in the adjacent lane to hit him. 2) he was able to back step as the jeep fell towards him missing him by maybe a foot. I really thanked God I did not hear screams from the people anywhere near that jeep or in it. I  refused to take a picture because  I have my reasons. Tune into this space later since I have a perfect meme that captures the spirit of jeepney drivers that I saw online a few years ago. It is not available on Google.

Please note. Story happened January 30 2017

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