Saturday, December 10, 2016

Entitlement Of Some People

 Maybe I am the last guy to talk about weddings but I find some people so moronic. They feel so entitled to a wedding invitation for whatever reason even if they are not close to the bride and/ or groom. When they feel slighted by the lack of an invite they don't even bother sending any congratulations or best wishes even if it takes a total of two seconds and costs nothing. They critique the composition of the guest list. Their lack of any greeting just justifies them being left out of any consideration. They spend so much time thinking about who should be invited to a wedding that is not even theirs but they can't utter one word "Congrats." I am not subtweeting anybody here because the people who I am thinking about have been removed from my friend list. They will not be missed. Such superficiality may be appreciated by some but not me.

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