Friday, April 3, 2015

We Lost Robert Schuller

I found out today when I woke up that Robert Schuller died.      May 4 1995 was a significant day. I saw a group of speakers that included Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, David avid Chilton, Silken Lauman, Peter Lowe, Dr. Ted Broer , Joe Clarke and Dan Kennedy. What was powerful is somehow despite all the moves I still have the notes I took that day and now I can share some with you. Robert Schuller spoke to me and a few thousand other folks , twenty years ago and in a way he is speaking to you now. 



  • Donation more important than duration.
  • Possibility- thinkers make right decisions before they solve problems. 
  • Making right decisions will solve the problem. 
  • Go to people smarter than me.
  • Source of positive thinking.
  • When told something was improssible- look definition of impossible in his dictionary. ( word was cut out)
  • A person is only a person when he thinks for himself. 
  • I am not free unless I believe in me. 
  • How to be a super success . (MIH) Make it Happen.  (DIN) Do It Now
  • 1. Start to play. A success help people is secret to success. Find a need and fill it. Set a life goal, what would be fun. 
  • 2. Stop to Pray - some of my answers have been wrong. 
  • 3. Prepare to pay- everything has its price. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. There are flakes and there are professionals. Price connected to success. Success is never possible without pain. 
  • 4. Plan to stay.- Never quit. Stick with it until I died. When things get really rough, don't move. People and pressures shift but soil remains the same. 

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