Thursday, October 2, 2014

Three Reasons To Still Be A Noytard After 4 Years

By Nigel Pope 

 To the best of my knowledge there are only three possible reasons for someone being a noytard after the past four years of corruption and incompetence:

1. They're noytards because they really are ignorant and they think that this nation's average IQ of 86 is something their family will achieve in a few generations.
2. They're noytards because they and/or their families are corrupt and thus are benefiting from this corrupt and incompetent maladministration.
3. They're noytards because Malacanang pays them to post statements of support on social media. Of course, that also means they are either ignorant (see answer 1) and/or corrupt (see answer 2).

The only reason for asking the noytards which of these categories they fall into is to determine whether we should treat them with condescending pity or supercilious contempt. Either way, they're completely unworthy of the respect of anyone who wants the Philippines to reverse its decline.

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