Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This is not For the Faint of Heart

I am addressing this all candidates that feel they can answer challenging questions. I will specifically address though to candidates who I feel may have more interesting answers or even non answers.
  • Aquino, Paolo Benigno IV A.
  • Madrigal, Maria Ana Consuelo A.
  • Casiño, Teodoro A.
  • Cayetano, Alan Peter S.
  • Trillanes, Antonio IV F.
  • Villar, Cynthia A.
  • Enrile, Juan Ponce Jr., C.
  • Legarda, Lorna Regina B.
  • Pimentel, Aquilino Martin III D
  • Binay, Maria Lourdes Nancy S.
  • Cojuangco, Margarita R.
  • Ejercito, Joseph Victor G.
  • Bro Ed Villanueva
What values do you stand for that you can substantiate with documented action?
How do you feel about candidates who intentionally try to look like historical figures?
How do you feel about candidates who include as part of their campaign a relative who died thirty years ago who they never met? Explain the relevance.
With the high cost of campaigning, do you expect to see some sort of financial compensation over the length of your term should you win?
Do you feel it is appropriate for a mid term president to be taken away from his hectic schedule in order to campaign for his party?
Once elected will you serve the nation/ the community or just supporters of your party?
Is it appropriate for an elected president to be always wearing his party's symbol as opposed to the national symbol?
What is your opinion on candidates who are already labeled as inexperienced and cerebrally unfit for the senate avoiding any and all opportunities to refute those suspicions?
How do you feel about candidates when given the opportunity to explain why they deserve to be voted for answer in such a way that their victory has no bearing on the ability to answer the question as stated?
When you go from "fiancée" to "husband/ wife". Will your behavior be drastically different? Can you refer to your track record?
How do you feel about candidates claim to represent God as part of their uniqueness?
Some first time senatorial candidates can not seem to shake the stigma of alleged past crimes. Do you believe this kind of behavior sets a good example for our citizens?
Do you believe that the Comelec should require candidates to be more accessible to the public in terms of intellectual discourse?
A year ago did you feel that the Chief Justice was held to a standard that the tribunal themselves did not live up to? If yes, what did you do about it? If no then state where that conviction comes from?
What does the Freedom of Information Act mean to you? Not as a politician, but as a citizen of the Philippines? Is there any documentation that substantiates your stand?
How did you feel about the CyberAct that was initially approved in 2012? Who did you feel it served? Why were there no countries that are more technologically advanced than us with a similar law? Were you aware that the law that was initially passed resembled what is being enforced in Iran? Whether you approved or disapproved of the law state examples from the time that the law was quietly passed and signed by the President to substantiate your stance on the issue.

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