Saturday, October 13, 2012

Transcript Of My Video Blog

Hello this is your friendly neighborhood Gogs  and this is the first ever gogs Get real midweek update for Oct 10 2012.
I am here before you because it is God's will and what can I tell you?

Since I have 119 days before the Cyberact really kicks in , let me
share some more candid observations with you all.

I was told Tuesday  in my last contribution  that I should not mix
politics with TV shows. Huh ? Not mix them? Where do you think Senators come from?

There is a saying that you can't pick your family but you can pick
your cabinet members. You can certainly pick you covert errand boys as
well. Since it was supposed to be a secret I will respect Noynoy's
privacy even if he won't respect mine with his cyber act that he signed  and just refer to the secret mystery errand boy as Waldo.

I want to thank my fellow GRP writers for recognizng my mantra that KSP root of all evil. Its alleged that Senator Sotto .had something to do with slipping the libel portion in the last minute  All this sleight of hand reminds me of  a Scene from Game
of Thrones. episode Win or Die. Lord Eddard Stark gets the dying King Robert to sign  a document
about succession only to have the evil yet foxy Queen Cersi to tear it up. Making it null and void. I
have no idea who would drive to me the idea that De Lima was foxy . Is
that libel?

Sotto is funnier to me in his "serious" job than he ever was in
slapstick job. Which brings to mind the famous Stonehenge scene from
Spinal Tap where it was not pleasant to be part of the comedy on stage.

Lets look at one of the honorable senators pitfalls that lead to his so called cyber bullying. Somebody convinced Sotto that if they translated a Robert Kennedy
speech to Tagalog this strange do-hickey called Google won't pick it  up. I think that aide forgot to make allowAnce that somebody reading or listening to that speech might actually have a brain.

This week just when you thought Senator Sotto would run out of quotable quites he adds another . He basically said in the vernacular I will do it because Noynoy says so referring once again to the support of the cyberact. Nice to see Noynoy giving
videogames a rest and resorted to more traditional games like Simon
Sez . We know at least Senator Sotto is playing.

A few weeks back
Trillanes , Noynoy and Enrile in the Senate all pointing fingers over the Chinese territorial dispute negotiation.  I am glad that
there is one institution in this country that points more than fingers

President Benigno Aquino was quoted that he will follow through with enforcing the cyberact lest he risk impeachment for derelict  of duty

. So I guess putting undue personal influence on the
legal system, coercing 188 Congressmen to sign an article of impeachment ,
not reading/ comprehending laws that have your signature that end up being controversial

Oct 9 2012 the Supreme Court voted unanimously to issue a temp rest order on the
Philippine Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.

Which makes one wonder why it was so hastily put together and should it have been past in the first place. One way this law would have never been signed by Noynoy if someone inserted a provision in the bill banning all Filipnos from playing Call of Duty online on PS3 and Xbox 360 , Noynoy never would have signed it, case closed go back to blogging nothing to see here.

If you recall last month in the Second Integrity Summit  held in Makati , the President told the audience he prefers to pick up the can rather than kick it down the road. So he wont kick a can. But former president Gloria Arroyo though it's ok to kick again and again and again.

Face it Philippines,

garbage in garbage out.

Politicians joke qualifications= joke results not sure how you
expected any differently.

I had no idea the  daang matuwid was supposed to be filled with Jokes.

ONCE again this is Gogs , don't forget the libel portion of the cyber law was made by morons who did moronic things and did not appreciate being called morons as a result .
Not really a transcript but notes I worked from. Relevant links are below. Hope you appreciate the one man production. Yes I am influenced by Dennis Miller.


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