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Noynoy Insults Your Stupidity Again

Noynoy Insults Your Stupidity Again.

Maybe you best read the article below first before reading my take on it. I have said many  times before Noynoy Aquino is a naive and sheltered individual who has not accomplished  anything in his life. Considering my many takes on Filipino culture, it is poetic justice he  holds the highest elected office in the land.

After reading his speech Noynoy feels companies in Asia are spared the Occupy movement  because they possess a certain halo that their western counterparts do not. I find it really  hard to believe that our nation has world class corrupt politicians but saints in the private  sector. It's a gigantic leap of faith to make but then again so was 2010 Presidential Election.

He really makes it sound like Asian companies have a leg up on the rest of the world. He  talks about accountability. Yet his paradigm does not account for western companies that  operate in Asia and Asian companies that operate in the west.

Corporate Social Responsibility is not an Asian exclusive. It's a catch phrase maybe but I  would like to see what organization is handing out these CSR awards to Asian companies  and ignoring the rest as Noynoy is implying.

I find it interesting in the article where Noynoy is of the belief he can "motivate local  companies to excel". Nowhere in his resume does he have a track record of either  motivating or excelling... in anything. Yet he believes he can direct entire companies that  way. Yeah right.

Not so fast sir. They should not canonize the entire Philippines just yet. First of all the Occupy movement seems very contrived and very choreographed. Just because the machinery so far has mobilized North America and Europe does not mean Asia is any different. Noynoy as usual taking credit for something that has nothing to do with him.

Like the picture I got from Anthony Robbins says, the Wall Street Occupiers are not exactly donning burlap sacks. They may be protesting one thing but doing another. I have a very simple look at all these protests. No community will ever benefit if their private sector goes in the toilet. None. Do individual companies abuse and break rules? Yes but so do individuals in any society. Discourage and punish the violators but the private sector as a whole must do well in their respective communities or else those communities will rely on handouts. All of you anti business and pro government types: where does government revenue come from? Allow me to quote a true Maverick. Mark Cuban said the most patriotic thing you can do is get extremely wealthy then pay lots of taxes. I rest my case. Now someone tell the Occupy movement. 

In a country where journalists and priests  get squashed like bugs and rebels ambush soldiers and towns Noynoy should not be declaring any kind of moral superiority. Nobody has yet to answer this question but here goes. Noynoy has been a public servant for about two decades. Yet his mantra is kung walang corrupt walang mahirap. What did he do about corruption before he was voted in as President? Fight corruption? Add to the corruption? Too detached to see the corruption? Or did the corruption just not exist? There really is little room for another answer.

Believe me if he fought corruption you would have heard it about non stop during the campaign. The guy is a lazy , incompetent, self entitled   moron living off  his family name. Which really does not make him unusual among people with "old" money. That's what you voted in Philippines. People died for your democracy and you choose to elect him and Erap and FPJ. To paraphrase Bill Parcells you are what your elected officials are. And Noynoy thinks we are superior to first world countries? If you buy his Holier Than Thou spiel, God help you.

The more I analyze Noynoy, the one place that needs occupying is his brain.


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By: Christine O. Avendaño
Philippine Daily Inquirer
3:01 am | Friday, October 21st, 2011  1share47 46President Benigno Aquino III said  Wednesday night the country and its Asian neighbors had been spared from the global  turmoil sparked by the Wall Street protest assailing corporate greed and corruption  because firms in this part of the world had been actively helping improve the lives of people.
Speaking at the 10th Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility held at the Edsa  Shangri-La hotel in Mandaluyong City, President Aquino said the  “Occupy Wall Street”  movement which had initially expanded in the United States and now had struck European  countries had seen people “protesting against companies that engage in what they deem to  be the usurpation of regulation and, in some cases, democracy itself.”
Difficult times
The President added, “We see that these groups of people from different nations all share  the same rallying cry: there must be accountability; there must be inclusive growth.”
The Chief Executive said it was difficult at this time “to be the head of a corporation, given  that corporations seem to be portrayed as the bad guys in this latest global economic and  social crisis.”
But he said it was not so in the country and among its Asian neighbors.
“When one looks at our part of the world, however, this is not the case. While of course there  will always be exceptions, here in our region, corporations—especially the ones more active  in their humanitarian endeavors—are generally seen in a positive light.
“The people recognize the value that business can bring to a nation; they see the  opportunities and the possibilities, and realize that corporations and individuals can  empower each other and partner toward the achievement of a just society,” President  Aquino said.
CSR activities
The President said he believed that the good regard for companies in the Asian region was  “partly because many Philippine and Asian corporations have been actively engaged in  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.”
“Many, if not all of you present here today have made the conscious decision to play a  greater role in the communities in which you do business. Realizing that you do not live and  work in a vacuum, you have done your best to help ensure that the people living in the  societies in which you operate are given the chance to live a more dignified life,” he said.
President Aquino urged business leaders to “exert even greater efforts to show the true face  of Corporate Social Responsibility” by acting promptly on the concerns of the people.
Giving back
“We must foster the attitude of giving back, and of always remembering that the growth of  companies—that the growth of economies—rely, in essence, on the empowerment of the  people. No one must be left behind,” he said.
President Aquino assured the business leaders that they could rely on his administration as  a partner in their effort, reminding them that they were working with “a government that is  concerned, foremost, with the people,” and one that was spending a third of its national  budget on social services.
The President noted that a lot of Philippine companies  were recognized for their efforts in  corporate social responsibility activities.
“In the first time that I had an occasion to talk before you, not a single Filipino company  managed to be awarded,” he said, drawing laughter from the audience.
He said he would “try to motivate” more local companies “to excel” so they could be  recognized for their efforts.

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