Sunday, April 17, 2011

Unscheduled Reunions

"The roses in the window box
Have tilted to one side
Everything about this house
Was born to grow and die

From the song Funeral for a Friend by Elton John/ Bernie Taupin.

Today I went to the wake of someone who I went to school with for seven years. My entire Elementary school run. And that was over two different schools. If you recall on Saturday I did this Tweet/ Multiply Note/ Facebook Status:

Found out that someone I was classmates with from Grade 1 to 7 died tonight. We have not spoken since the mid 80s because of the physical distance and somehow we never reconnected back here. I am still saddened. You are in better place.

While at the wake the whole idea that I never reconnected with him while he was still living ate away at me a bit. I did try to donate blood to his cause but once at Makati Med I gave full disclosure about my higher than normal fasting blood sugar count. For those of you who know my writing and who know me in person, you can attest that my blood is the only thing about me that is sweet.

Some of these guys I literally have not seen since 1980 . Some of them I have not seen since maybe 84 or 85. I see the bond between them 26 years after their graduation and I do feel a smidgen of envy .Though I would not give up my five years of high school in Vancouver College for anything. The unity among my former classmates in their action tonight as well as them wearing their alumni polo shirts. It was good to see. We are now in our mid forties and already two of us from that class of about 32 that started the school in 1979 have already been called by the Lord.

From the time I saw familiar faces (some familiar because of Facebook ) and guys who changed a bit it was a bit of a time warp. I was glad to have helped minimally in the mass. I was also glad to talk to the bereaved parents and brother. The thing is this night was for the class of 1984 Southridge, Alabang. A class that I did not graduate with in high school, just Grade school. So part of me felt like a guy who was only the practice squad of an NFL team and not the real time that got to play on Sundays.

I told a few of my classmates tonight that I remember the weirdest things. Like one of them did a verbal book report on this book.

Being back with my classmates from Grade 7 tonight though remind me of

this book

and this movie.

I was listening to the first four guys talk and then it hit me. A particular story I could tell about fallen comrade. I composed it my IPod Touch while the other stories were going on. I want to thank out Master of Ceremonies tonight Mon Guerrero for giving me the floor for this story:

My only year in Southridge was very memorable. My previous classmates talked about suspensions. I was no saint but I was far from the worst behaved. Southridge standards for suspension though got me suspended from class for a day. But for us suspension did not mean staying home. You were put it solitary confinement. Back in 1979 it was known as the Hot Room. I did earn one days stay in the Hot Room. Back in 1979 I had a reputation in class of my jokes always bombing (not exactly flying). Once I served my suspension it was back in the school bus for the ride back to Makati. Adrian said to me "Eddie, it was really funny today in class" (He meant my absence made for better jokes) .

Goodbye Adrian. Sorry we did not see each other as adults. The other guys it seemed took care of you.I regret not being one of those guys. Though I did make it to the Makati Med blood bank. As Mr. Dumol said what you had was a benediction. You did to death what you did to academics and sports. You prepared for it well as it was said tonight by guys who knew you better. One day when I go, I hope I have close to the impact you had in 44 years.


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