Sunday, January 9, 2011

How Some People Treat Hallowed Ground

St. Andrews in Scotland is the birthplace of golf. It is hallowed ground for the golfing community. Even if you are not a golfer or a golf , it does not take much to appreciate the beauty, tradition and history of this place. Keep strolling down since I have a point.

I have seen one PGA event in my life and I was glad I did. Any sports fan would be thrilled to see a major tournament in any sport. It is where history is made. There are only 4 of them in golf and in tennis. I know someone who went to the 2010 British Open in St.Andrews. But that is not why I posted this.

This person decides to honor a place steeped with history and tradition by wearing high heels. In case you don't catch the "gravity" of what I just said, imagine following golfers and they play through 18 holes while you are walking on grass wearing high heels. Last time I tried it, it was not exactly relaxing. I asked this person and she had no regrets. The fact that the heels made her sink in the ground and she left tracks was not an issue to her.

I have spoken about vanity many times in the blog and what it does to situations and people when it is given a higher priority than it should be. For me and this is just me: tradition, respect, appropriateness and utility all trump vanity. But that is just me. Corinthians 13:13 talks about faith , hope and love. It does not talk about faith hope and vanity.

The person who wore high heels in St.Andrews regardless of the impracticality justified it by saying vanity before all. I will let you decide if vanity is worth it. In this or any other situation.


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