Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lunch Out With The Office-mates and a Surprise

This is us hungry waiting for them to clear a table for 8.We were at a Japanese noodle house near the office.

This is us eating the Japanese noodle soup.

Dining in the same establishment was Mr. Korina Sanchez.

This is us very satisfied with our meal milling outside waiting for our benefactors to emerge.

The guy who may be the future vice president came out. Mar Roxas shook all of our hands. One of us said "we are voting for you." I did not tell a lie. I really forgot what I said as I shook his hand but it was something very generic like hello or good afternoon. I should have given him a link to my blog. Nobody asked for a posed picture and then they asked me why i did not use my gimpy camera phone to snap a picture. I said that I was "starstruck". If my memory serves he was priming for the president slot and then was swept aside by a wave of yellow sympathy. I don't dislike him which is already a moral victory for any Filipino politician. I detest his choice in spouses though.

This is his entourage leaving. Should he get in I hope this country is as nourished as we were with the Japanese noodles. Ed

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Tin A Pie said...

i would do the same. i have once shaked hands with a candidate and merely smiled. I'm forcing myself not to ask him what the hell he has done in his whole tenure for me to vote for him