Thursday, May 19, 2011

Noynoy Aquino Gay? One Man's Conspiracy Theory

red herring –noun

something intended to divert attention from the real problem or matter at hand; a misleading clue.

I am really convinced Noynoy Aquino is gay. What comes next is me just reading the tea leaves. But the tea leaves for me point in that direction. Why else can he not have a relationship with a woman that lasts more than two minutes. The parade of women in the front pages of our papers are just there for photo opportunities and as decoys. Red Herrings as I said before. I told somebody over the weekend, your answer to a question is not as important as how you defend your answer. Somebody can differ in opinion but they can come to that opinion with a process that will make sense if they have some framework or past experience that impacted them in a way.

Rock Hudson, Richard Chamberlain and Cole Porter at the peak of their careers all lived private lives contrary to their crafted public image. Are you totally 100% sure the same thing is not happening with President Noynoy Aquino?

I am not alone in the speculation. Additional video here.
Just my opinion but why stage all these dates that the press will see and then beg for privacy. It does not make sense. Unless you are a matador and you want the bull to believe that your torso is
one place when it's really somewhere else.

Malacanang is kind of like the Wizard of Oz. One previous president wanted you to believe he had a brain. Another wanted you to believe she had a heart and still another wanted you to believe he had a soul. Noynoy wants you to believe females arouse him and not males by bombarding you with pics and gossip about him and a plethora of women. As of this writing there is a story about the President's latest baby doll but no names.
What is funny is that someone under the employ of the president did not want the media probing for pictures or even a name but used the line "give the romance time to blossom." Which clinches the fact that this is prepackaged B.S. It's their way of saying that now that we got your attention, this is what we want you to know.

Last weekend I spent most of my day in a local mall. My activity involved standing in one place doing the same thing over and over. When you are in that position you can't help but people watch. I saw two separate groups of about 5 high school aged boys. All overtly effeminate. It may not be my choice to act that way or project what they project. But in a way those guys were free. They could care less what I think. In their own way they were courageous.

Now take Noynoy. Going out of his way to massage his PR that he is this man about town dating a bevy of girls. What if I am right that this is just choreographed deception? Then Noynoy is the exact opposite of those boys doing their Priscilla Queen of The Desert routine. He is not free but trapped. He is not courageous but cowardly.

This seems so staged and of course Inquirer has story.

Read the story here:

Quick little review. The media is supposed to report the news not be the news or make the news. I am telling you that the media is going overboard to make Noynoy seem like a lazier Hugh Hefner. Should you doubt that for a second just remember the kind of butt kiss coverage he got from everywhere the moment he announced his candidacy:


Besides any individual who can buy a Porsche in this economy can buy off what passes for a press in this country.
I have nothing against gay people but I do enjoy good gay jokes. I explain myself better here. What I do hate is gay people pretending to be something they are not in order to exploit people. It's one thing to be
John Amaechi who hid his true self because it would be an extreme distraction while he was an NBA player. It's different because his job involves playing a sport well. Not winning over the public trust. Trust is a two way street. I don't trust Noynoy and I don't trust the media that coddle him.

Noynoy ever since was surrounded by his sisters and his mother and yayas. His dad well you know how often he was not in the household. Noynoy has always looked at women to provide his own identity. You saw that in the campaign. Always associating with his mom and his sister and never with a living or recently living male.I am no psychology expert but that female dominated environment had to take it's toll on the guy.
If I am right in my premise here that means this country voted for someone who was so in denial over his own sexuality then the Philippines is no better than American Idol when Clay Aiken was a finalist. The problem is you have someone who is constitutionally ingrained in political decision making for the whole country yet he has to deceive you in a matter like that.

Rumor has it that in the next Miss Gay Philippines pageant they are already rehearsing a song called "What if Noy Was One of Us".

Speaking of politicians running under false pretenses I can not help but bring up the Sperminator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger . He ran for Governor despite having a child out of his marriage. Now we know why he is a Republican in favor of abortion. I bring Arny up because we found out this week the guy ran for governor despite having that love child around as an election liability. Who knows what forces in play kept that a secret all this time? Simple as that. Malacanang wants you to see Noynoy with a woman. In the concerted effort to make you believe that he is interested in having a romantic relationship with them. But remember this is politics. 95% of politics is deception. Sleight of hand. Every move is planned to mystify you. Our voters are so shallow I bet you anything if Noynoy was outed before the election in 2010, 98% of the people that ended up voting for him would not. If my theory is right what does that tell you ? That the Filipino could care less about leadership or brains or achievement but more about family ties and sexual orientation. I don't mind having a gay president as long as they are also a good president.

Deception. Politicians since the beginning of time have been deceitful and manipulators. They rarely are who they claim to be. Yet during campaign time when one says they have honesty and integrity , there will always be a flock of sheep willing to eat it hook line and sinker.And you wonder why I don't buy this PR campaign that Noynoy is straight?

You can laugh at my theory all you want. But ask yourselves this. Why are we being oversold on every single date he goes on? Does he look or act like a guy who would be appealing to the women you see in the papers? Why do these women have a very short shelf life? What kind of woman would respect a man who used the mama's boy strategy to get himself elected?
Being married or unmarried really means nothing in the overall equation. How many marriages are broken up over one party leaving it to be with someone of the same gender?

In the 70s Rico J. Puno was a superstar singer. I can't remember if I read it in the newspaper at the time or what but for a while his girlfriend was kept secret so as not to hurt sales. Hurt sales? Girlfriend or not is he not the same singer? That is how shallow the market is. Sales were not about his singing but about the perception of availability. Part of my naivete died that day. What does that tell you? It's not about intrinsic value, its' about perceived value. The customer is fickle. They buy emotionally and try to defend logically. I believe Noynoy is gay because in an environment known for falsehood, lying and deception I am being told over and over again he is a red blooded man interested in women. I am force fed snapshots of him and some girl. Then next week it will be someone different. Lather, rinse repeat.

The world is full of guys who hid their sexual orientation because the truth might hinder their career. In a world where Richard Chamberlain hides the fact he is gay then anybody else can be too. Much less a 50 year old who campaigns with the cry "Mama!!!". If the President wants my respect for the very first time all he has to do is come out of the closet while he is in office. I much rather our president be gay than dumb. Unfortunately he might be both.

bading, homosexual, bakla

I believe Noynoy is gay. I also believe that he is extremely under qualified for his current position. I believe he can not lead his way out of a paper bag nor do I believe he can lead a whore to bed. I have supported all the other beliefs in the past. I believe he is gay because his handlers, spin doctors and image crafters are trying too hard to make us believe otherwise.
"The lady doth protest too much, methinks." is the quote from Hamlet. For more on why you should be suspicious of people that are too fanatical or too vocal please read this.

The problem with the president is not just his cabinet but the fact that he is in the closet.



othrerz said...

nice presumption! though i heard that PNoy is STRAIGHT at broad day light and GAY at night. he is as gay as Sen. Pangilinan. just saying.. :)

Ed said...

And the cycle continues.

Ed said...

Kris is all about appearances. Never about substance. Why else would she attract so many endorsements other than the buying public is stupid.
If anyone ever read the brilliant philosophy book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, there is is a portion there that explains fanatics. Fanatics are what they are because there is lots of room for doubt. That's why the outbreak of Yellow fever during the 2010 campaign was there because there was lots of room to doubt Noynoy if the criteria was leadership, wisdom, good judgement and crisis management. And it worked. Now Kris is trying to fall on the grenade of the suspicion of Noynoy's sexual orientation. Face it, the "Get Real" crowd sees Kris for what she is. But many pinoys do not. Anybody who takes a politician or a politician's supporters at their word is in short a moron. To quote Obi Wan Kenobi " Who is more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?" . Should you want to read my conspiracy theory to obscure Noynoy's sexual orientation it is available in my blog dated May 19 2011 .

Ben Kritz said...

I suppose the way to test this theory would be to heavily publicize it, and see how the machine reacts.

Ed said...

If they post pics of him driving a pick up a carrying bales of hay and hunting deer , we know we are on to something Ben.

Unknown said...

I believe PNoy is not gay, he's bi though. My friends from the palace said that PNoy only works up to 4:00 pm then after that his drinking session will begin. If he gets drunk and he is sitting next to a girl, then he's straight but if he's sitting next a guy then he's a GIRL for the night.

Nobody from the media dared ask him about his sexuality coz everyone were scared that they might lose their job.

Ed said...

1. He is no better than Erap then .2. Not being able to do one's job cause someone is who may be affected can take away your job is a form of bribery. So much for walang corrupt.

Unknown said...

ikr! PNoy is way too narcissist. and the problem is, he and his allies always says that PNoy's got clean hands when in fact he is no better than any of this country's past presidents.

Benben said...

In my opinion, sexuality should not be an issue. In other Countries there are open on their sexuality yet they are doing a good job and gender is not an issue. Philippines has a long way to go as far as acceptance on sexuality. I agree , Pnoy. Should come out to stop speculation on his sexuality so he can perform his duties without being scared for people to out him. It's not who or what he is, it's how he performs as a person. Philippines is so biased and still in the dark ages wether we accept it or not when in comes to gayness.

Ed said...

Ed said...

Benben, I have no idea why I did not address your thought provoking point earlier. But I agree with you. Whatever he is or isn't he should be secure with the truth and go about his business. Unfortunately his campaign cashed in on image (son of Cory) that him being gay will destroy all that image crafting. A lot of crafting went into Noynoy because this guy is basically a talentless non achiever. So there is no way he can come out as gay and survive.

CristinaOcampo said...

I believe this blogger. Out of those so many supposedly girlfriends of his, did they ever post him kissing any of them? I heard baklas are nadidiri sa girls.

Unknown said...

sobra ka naman, cristinaocampo. correction, ang mga tunay na bakla "nandidiri makipag sex with girls" not "nandidiri sa girls", there's a humongous difference.