Thursday, May 26, 2011


How Can One Deserve To Play in The NBA With Such A Bush League Attitude?

The basis of today's rant comes from this thread.

Only in the Philippines is there any talk at all about about super business man Manny V. Pangilinan being seriously considered to purchase the Kings. I am the biggest sports talk junkie you know and the only thing I heard from credible sources is former NBA player turned Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson leading up an effort to buy the Kings to keep them in Sacramento.

And based on that speculation much has been made of Pinoy players now being able to play. Of course it has the FPJ voters in the Philippines going wild. Slow down. Go back to a concept that you can handle like noon time network programming.

World Class money does not exactly equate to world class basketball. Mikhail Prokhorov bought the Nets. He never said anything about getting Russian players. He did however get Darrent Williams. It might have something to do with the fact Darrent Williams is GOOD.

Newsflash to the pinoys. Here is a truly novel idea. If you want a pinoy in the NBA then produce somebody good enough. Produce somebody with world class skills. Having the same passport as Manny Pangilinan should not be a prerequisite. Philippines, that's the key. Not by simply being Filipino but by being a player that compete in the court with Darrent Williams.

I said it before but the Philippines is the only country in the world where basketball dominates available resources and the consciousness of the populace. Translation every country that beats us (there is a long list) in basketball views the orange ball sport at second third or even fourth priority. Does not say much about our ability to compete.

Every single jeepney driver in the Philippines loves the Lakers.

The pinoy loves basketball and only basketball and there is nothing wrong with that in and of itself. But projecting their national inferiority complex and their lack of attention into the world's most exclusive basketball league is something else.

One argument I heard yesterday about pinoys worthiness in the NBA is the existence of the PBA. So what? Anything can look good in a vacuum. If pinoys were so great at basketball then the imports would have minimal impact or would not even be a draw. Imports stick out in the PBA because they are so much better than the average PBA player. Keep in mind these guys are not good enough for the NBA if they are playing here. NBA rejects dominate here but we are supposed to be NBA worthy.

Dirk Nowitsky is a German. Steve Nash is a Canadian. Tony Kukoc is from Yugoslavia. Manu Gin�bili is from Argentina. Not one of them begged a countryman who owned an NBA team for their spot on the roster. They just got good enough to be worthy to make the team. They each contributed to the talent base on display in the league.

I think this notion of a pinoy getting into the NBA via Manny P. speaks volumes of the pinoys sense of entitlement. Figures coming from a country where a man with no accomplishment worth mentioning got voted to the highest elected position in the land purely from his last name.There are those of you by now enraged because I speak the truth about the dominant mentality of this country.

The PBA is mostly for people who value being astig. People who love Tito, Vic and Joey. The dominant sports league in a country where a man convicted of plunder was able to ruin for president again and got the second most votes. It is not a breeding ground to produce world class basketball players. Does not say much about us does it?



Steve said...

Excellent post. My thoughs exactly. Loved reading it. I'm pinoy and I wouldn't mind seeing a full blooded Filipino (not a Fil-AM or Fil-Whatever) in the NBA someday but I doubt it would be any time soon. If ever MVP does get majority stake of the Sacramento KINGS (My Favorite NBA team by the way). I doubt that any full blooded Filipino would even get a change to play with the team. NBA is not called "Basketballs Biggest Stage" for nothing. Once you are playing in the NBA, it means that you are the best of the best among other basketball players. So for pinoys hoping to see Chris Tiu (No doubt, Tiu is a talent by pinoy standards but in the NBA?) or other local play in the NBA someday. I wouldn't keep my hopes too high.

Ed said...

Great points. Its the elite league where the world's elite players play. What is so hard to understand about that? Just because you play does not make you world class. Ironically its that attitude that contributes to their failure. They want things handed to them. Right now putting a Filipino on an NBA roster will remove a worthy player from it. That is so simple. BTW Steve, how did you find me , you were quick.