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They Forgot the Philippines

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
The World Cup tends to sneak up on me. My friend Luke blames this on my country. As an Englishman, he feels offended at what he perceives to be a relative lack of enthusiasm about soccer in the US: "You're a backward nation. The whole world is excited for the World Cup, except for the States." (taken from the newsletter


World Cup. Filipinos don't even care enough about the World Cup to ask the question "what about us?" The Summer Olympics they do. Even if for the most part they are nowhere near a medal in almost any event. They feel really left out from the Olympics. All that pansin going to other nations in the World Cup and the Philippines is a non factor. I have no shortage of Philippines and their lack of relevance in the Olympics blogs. You can read them here:

Much is also made of the US and how they don't care about soccer. My answer is so what? They love football. They love baseball and basketball. Some cities like Detroit, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia really love their hockey. Not one major U.S. city loves their soccer. Not one. Despite all the immigrants from Europe and Africa soccer is irrelevant? Why? When you have the best football, hockey, baseball and basketball in the world there is only enough fans, money and TV to go around. I just want to tell you that I am not really coming from a position of ignorance here. Here are my previous musings about soccer in North America.

Here are some third party links:

Offside: soccer and American exceptionalism
By Andrei S. Markovits, Steven L. Hellerman

Soccer has officially struck out in the US.
  • Strike One: In the 70s the North American Soccer League tried star power: Pele, George Best, Johan Cruyff, and Franz Beckenbauer. By the mid 80's there was no more league.
  • Strike Two: 1994 The World Cup is hosted by the US. The World Cup is well received but local soccer did not experience any kind of momentum,
  • Strike Three: David Beckham. It got them more publicity but did not manifest in any league wide boost. In 2009 local soccer came in last in terms of TV ratings. 21 out of 21 different sports leagues. Proof that many pinoys migrated to the US, the NBA came in 4th.

What does the World Cup have to do with the Philippines? I truly believe that one should like what they like and not worry about emulating anyone else. Don't like something because _______ likes something. Like something because it appeals to you. You may notice the quote I lead off this blog with. Taken from the newsletter About.Com. Everybody says the US is behind for being like the rest of the world in appreciating the World Cup. They forgot the Philippines. Granted a lot of people forget the Philippines when it comes to anything relevant world wide. I don't count any pugilistic endeavors. Someone who does not care about education and deprives another man of brain cells is not heroic in my eyes. My point is that the rest of the world is soccer crazy. For most of the world, soccer is not the dominant sport. It's the only sport. For the Philippines, basketball is not the favorite team sport, it's the only team sport. The Philippines is the only country where basketball easily dominates the attention of athletes, fans and coaches. Yet we beat no one. Every country that beats us, their best athletes go to soccer or some other sport, the left overs play basketball. In this country basketball competes with the couch and we can not be internationally relevant.The one thing we care about above all else and we are not even competent competitively.

The Filipino only loves basketball. That's a fact. But they get beat at their dominant sport by countries that prioritize soccer and baseball over basketball. What glory is there in being the only basketball myopic country in the world when you other countries left overs beat you ? None really. Just remember that if you think PBA is quality basketball. Besides one of the most prominent PBA players is married to Kris Aquino. Shows you how little prestige there is in being a professional athlete in this country. Kris Aquino is your wife. Some honor.


Offside: soccer and American exceptionalism
By Andrei S. Markovits, Steven L. Hellerman


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ed...i agree about soccer, 'fussbol', and whatever else they call it around the's a boring...BORING...way to spend a couple of hours or however long it takes to get through one of their 'matches'...okay, some great athletes, sure...lots of running and swerving and crazy ways to make the ball do this or that...but in the end, boring...and you know, i started to be nice here and try to avoid any sort of abrasiveness...but the heck with epitomizes so much of what is just plain stupid in much of the world...people running amok, both on the field and among the fans, with little purpose other than having some excuse to...oh, never mind...the game is boring and so many of the fans make soccer an excuse for being wild, nasty, and individually terroristic...i'm not going to condemn anyone for having a differing opinion, for choosing soccer over our sports...but then, there isn't much reason for me to get to know those people either...

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