Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You Mean We Have To Elect A Leader?

You Mean We Have To Elect a Leader?

" We'll have a kid
Or maybe we'll rent one
He's got to be straight
We don't want a bent one
He'll drink his baby brew
From a big brass cup
Someday he may be president
If things loosen up"

Love Story by Randy Newman

The election is less than a week away. Lost in every body's chest beating hype is the sober realization that we are electing leaders for various communities and various levels of community. Please think about that when you cast your vote. Somewhere there you have to elect a leader for here and now. For the world as it exists in May of 2010. Not Aug 1983 not Feb 1986. As Colin Cowherd says live in the is not in the was.

Let me repeat, lost in all the rallies and all the billions that Villar is spending is that we are selecting a leader. The country has every right to make a mistake but in my own little way I will try to inject a dose of reality to this festive occasion. Hopefully advert them making a mistake of voting in someone so unqualified as a leader its not even funny.

As preparation to write this (yes folks there is actual preparation) , I scanned over several leadership books and websites. I can not for the life of me find any text book justification for Noynoy. None. The guy can not lead his way out of a paper bag. To quote Bobby Knight - "he can't lead a whore to bed". The guy is arrogant in this election campaign, whether he is not answering Dick Gordon's fair question of what has he ever done? Or claiming the position of president is his destiny.The funny thing about claiming destiny. In Noynoy's case it seems to absolve him from showing any personal accomplishment.

One of Janet Jackson's biggest hits was called What Have You Done For Me Lately? What Dick Gordon was trying to ask Noynoy was " What Have You Ever Done For Us? Since you are trying to claim the presidency"

Taken from Developing The Leader Within You by John Maxwell

5. Integrity means living it myself before leading others.

We cannot lead anyone else further than we have been our�selves. Too many times we are so concerned about the product we try to shortcut the process. There are no shortcuts when integrity is involved. Eventually truth will always be exposed.
Recently I heard of a man who interviewed a consultant to some of the largest U.S. companies about their quality control. The consultant said, "In quality control, we are not concerned about the product. We are concerned about the process. If the process is right, the product is guaranteed." The same holds true for integrity; it guarantees credibility.
I remember hearing my basketball coach, Don Neff, repeatedly emphasize to our team, "You play like you practice; you play like you practice." When we fail to follow this principle, we fail to reach our personal potentials. When leaders fail to follow this principle, eventually they lose their credibility.

Based on that very simple framework, is Noynoy a leader? Does he have credibility? Did he ever have a process in 50 years of living? What do you expect as a product? Is Noynoy following the principle that Dr. Maxwell mentions about practice before playing? Did Noynoy live his vision himself before attempting to lead others? What the heck is his basing his right to "destiny" on?

If you are even thinking of voting for him, answer those questions.

Here is my dare to you to conclude this. Get any book on leadership and please photocopy or scan the pages that describe someone like Noynoy. Send it to me. And I will refute everything I ever said. Please back up your claim with facts from his life before the campaign. I doubt any of you can and that has always been my point. He is running for president because in this country the right last name is more important than the right resume. Noynoy talks about Mama and Papa and never about instances in his life where he has been challenged and he himself has answered that challenge. It always goes back to Mama and Papa. Well Mama and Papa ain't here. Just Noynoy.











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